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10 Types of Business Services You Didn't Know You Needed

 10 Types of Business Services You Didn't Know You Needed

Right from the start, you know that running your own business has its perks. But what can you expect from those early years? With so many options available, it’s important to create a solid plan for how you’ll manage your staff, keep clients happy, and make sure everything runs smoothly at every stage of your business development. These 10 types of business services can help with that — whether you need to recruit top talent or protect your valuable assets from harm, each one will bring something new to the table.

10 Types of Business Services You Didn't Know You Needed
 10 Types of Business Services You Didn't Know You Needed

1) A marketing consultant

We’ve all had them. The salesperson makes you believe that whatever you want is exactly what they are selling. There’s a lot more to marketing than just creating a memorable slogan and logo, though; it requires more business services. Marketing consultants can help small businesses by doing everything from helping structure their promotional campaigns, to evaluating their budgets and helping them create media strategies. Marketing isn’t about business services; it's about understanding customer needs in order to create value for your company and your customers alike. An experienced marketing consultant will help you look beyond your own business—and perspective—to find opportunities for cross-marketing and mutually beneficial partnerships that can keep both parties happy and productive.

2) Recruiting firm

The best Recruiting firms are able to navigate and negotiate through a complex hiring system that is composed of many different parties with different goals. A recruiting firm can help businesses avoid hidden fees, as well as keep them abreast of updates in various regulations. Hiring a Recruiting firm will help to ensure business owners have a clear picture of what resources are available when seeking qualified candidates and it will also help them find candidates more quickly. These factors mean you won’t need to wait long before you begin seeing results in terms of employee retention, productivity, and growth. There are 3 types - Executive Search Firms, Professional Search Firms & Headhunter Services.

3) Office security

Protecting your office, employees and clients is as important as protecting your intellectual property. If you’re not offering security services to your business clients, you’re selling yourself short. Security companies provide a wide range of business services, including employee background checks; access control; security training; fire suppression and environmental monitoring; IT risk management consulting; and computer forensics. For example, Office Security Service Co., an IT security service provider in New York City, specializes in providing data recovery, digital forensic investigations, and encryption technologies for businesses.

4) Healthcare management

Healthcare management firms handle human resources for healthcare businesses, but also coordinate budgets and oversee marketing and public relations. Healthcare needs are different from other businesses, making these companies especially unique. This is because people need health care; if you don’t have a good healthcare manager, people will go elsewhere. That means that these types of companies can scale very quickly in places where there are a lot of people—but it also means they could run into problems in areas with low populations. Carefully consider how big your market is before choosing which type of business service to work with. If you want to open an office for your healthcare firm, make sure to choose a location with easy access to major highways and lots of foot traffic—making it easier for patients to find you easily.

5) Nutritionist

Did you know there’s a high demand for nutritionists? What about business consultants? This may be another business service that you don’t know you need, but in reality, most businesses could benefit from having at least one consultant to help them with hiring new employees or marketing their business to new customers. Because there are so many different types of businesses out there, it’s important to have options when it comes to finding outside help. Below is a list of some types of service businesses that will come in handy for any entrepreneur who is ready to take their business to the next level.

6) Hairstylist

While you may not be looking to make a career change, it never hurts to have a professional on your side. If you’re starting a business and need some help managing personnel or planning marketing strategies, consider hiring a recruitment firm. These firms offer specialized services that can take some pressure off your plate so you can focus on more vital areas of growth. Hiring new employees is no easy task—you want people who fit your company culture and will work hard for their paychecks. Recruitment firms aren’t just great at finding candidates; they also do background checks and are intimately familiar with local labor laws.

7) Auto mechanic

Services for your car, like oil changes and diagnostics. Unlike a full-service shop, it does not include repairs or replacement parts. Be sure to see if you have a warranty before going to an auto mechanic. Because auto mechanic services can be so expensive, many people find it easier to change their own oil and check their tire pressure weekly instead of paying someone else to do these things. However, some people prefer using mechanics over doing these things themselves because they are able to fix problems that might be missed by DIY-ers. Auto mechanics often work on weekend evenings and will stay open late in order to accommodate customers who aren’t able to stop by during normal business hours.

8) Event planner

A marketing consultant or executive recruiter can also be a good idea if you're looking to scale your business and want to land big fish in terms of customer base. A marketing consultant will help you get new customers and an executive recruiter will connect you with your next star hire. But what happens if you already have those pieces in place? An event planner, an office security guard, and even a healthcare management service might also be valuable additions to your growing business. After all, every company needs help keeping itself together! If you've been dreaming up ideas for more services that could make your business truly stand out, go ahead and list them here. There's no harm in being prepared!

9) Financial planner

A financial planner is someone who can help you get a handle on your spending, help you learn about investing and retirement savings, and think about how money fits into your overall long-term plan. A financial planner doesn’t need to be a CPA or an attorney (or any other kind of expert) but it’s a good idea to find one who has training or experience in that area; if he or she isn’t willing to offer suggestions on tax or legal issues, find someone else. For example, if you live in a state with high-income taxes and want some advice on moving, it would be smart to hire someone who has worked with clients in similar situations.

10) Bookkeeper

The only way to be a true business owner and take full advantage of your talents and experience is to keep a close eye on finances. That’s where a good bookkeeper comes in. If you don’t have time for accounting, or if you find yourself slipping out one day at a time for spreadsheets and expense reports, consider an external bookkeeper. This person will not only manage your books but also look for tax deductions and help you avoid pitfalls as you build your business from within. A quality bookkeeper can free up time and space so that you can concentrate on what it is that makes your business successful in the first place: quality customer service, stellar products or services, building trust with clients—and growing your company into something great.

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