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NBA Draft 2022: Winners, Losers, Biggest Trades and Bold Predictions

NBA Draft 2022: Winners, Losers, Biggest Trades, and Bold Predictions

How will the NBA Draft play out in 2022? It’s hard to tell, but let’s try anyway! We’ll examine some winners and losers from this year’s draft, look back at trades made, predict where certain players will be drafted in five years, and even break down some future NBA stars before they became household names. If you want to know which team won the most by trading in 2022, or who the next LeBron James will be once he’s eligible for the draft, check out our full NBA Draft 2022 preview below!

NBA Draft 2022: Winners, Losers, Biggest Trades and Bold Predictions

Top 5 winners of the 2022 NBA Draft

The best prospects for the NBA draft are often foreign players who don't make it over until years later. That could be why teams frequently trade picks. For example, Duke's Jabari Smith was considered a clear-cut top talent in 2023 but slipped to seventh after a mediocre freshman season on a subpar team. He'll have a chance to prove himself in 2022 before likely becoming one of next year's biggest names. Let's take a look at five teams who may find their diamond in the rough by trading away future picks.

Top 5 losers of the 2022 NBA Draft

With six months to go until teams converge on NBA commissioner Adam Silver's New York home for the 2022 NBA Draft, there are plenty of questions that need answers. What will Kentucky's basketball team look like? Will Kansas be a five-star player away from winning back-to-back titles? Will Gonzaga be able to keep all their players for a third consecutive year? We'll likely have plenty of time to debate these and other topics as we count down to 6/21/2022. But for now, let's try and figure out which teams lost out in one way or another in these early mock drafts. Below is my list of top 5 losers from NBA Draft 2022.

The four biggest trades in the 2022 NBA Draft

Here's a look at four of the biggest trades leading up to the 2022 NBA Draft. First off, let's take a moment to appreciate that Michael Porter Jr., Marvin Bagley III, and Deandre Ayton will be three of just 10 players in their prime when next year's draft takes place. A lot can change between now and then but if you had to predict today who would make up that trio, there's no way any other players will still be on your shortlist when five years is up. With that in mind here are four trades from today's reality with a bit of speculation on where things could go next...

My three best bold predictions for the 2022 NBA Draft

There are three times as many mock drafts published now than there were for last year’s event. That was understandable given that it was an off-year for college prospects—but I’m perplexed about all of these 2022 NBA mock drafts. Most draft prognosticators are either so coy or optimistic that they don’t make bold predictions. However, when it comes to draft night in 2020 (and beyond), we can confidently make predictions on who will win and lose. Here’s my best shot at bold predictions...forget them at your own peril.

My three worst player comparisons for top prospects in the 2022 NBA Draft

Undoubtedly Deandre Ayton will go #1 overall. The former Arizona Wildcat has turned heads with his impressive physicality for a big man. If we had to compare him to another player, I would say he’s closest to current Philadelphia 76er Joel Embiid—but with more upside. Don’t get me wrong; Embiid is incredibly talented and one of my favorite NBA players in recent memory. However, that being said, if Ayton turns out to be even more of a dominant force than Embiid (on both ends of the floor), that would not surprise me at all.

Underwhelming draft on the trade front

A 2018 NBA mock draft can't come with too many fireworks on draft night as most of the players on top of the board seem destined to go in the same slot. That doesn't mean teams won't make moves before the time comes to take the player they want. Six trades involving big names came as shock at least when they were made. A new NBA mock draft doesn't expect that kind of crazy but there are a few trades teams will be looking at making before it is their turn to pick from a deep well at several positions. How does that affect teams who feel like they need an instant starter for next season? Jabari Smith is one player not likely to slip far out if he declares early as top talent always gets picked in NBA history. Keep an eye out for news around Brandon Clarke.

Knicks have a busy night

The New York Knicks are expected to select Oklahoma forward Darrion Strong with the top pick in the 2022 NBA Draft. The Knicks acquired Boston's top pick from a trade that sent star player Jabari Smith to the Celtics earlier today. Smith has been a disappointment for the Celtics who failed to live up to expectations after being drafted #1 overall in the 2018 NBA draft. In his two years at the Celtics, Smith averaged only 12 points per game on subpar 38% shooting from the field. No other teams came calling for him as he will be playing out the final year of his rookie contract next season. The move signifies that the Celtics are looking to rebuild through next year's draft by amassing young talent and acquiring picks before they're too old to compete in future seasons.

Pistons win again on draft night

It’s not a gimme by any means, but it appears that Detroit is getting a win in their NBA draft-night dealings. The Pistons were one of two teams (along with Sacramento) to move into lottery territory on draft night – swapping out their No. 8 pick for Orlando’s 6th pick in Thursday’s 2018 NBA Draft... at no cost. The only requirement was that Detroit gave up their 2019 second-round selection to make it happen. Getting a lottery pick for a future second-rounder? That’s amazing value for Detroit if they select someone like Shai Gilgeous-Alexander (No. 11), Kevin Knox (No. 9), or Robert Williams (No.

2022 NBA Draft results, takeaways: Magic trick experts by taking Paolo Banchero at No. 1, setting off chaos

Paolo Banchero was a surprise pick at No. 1 overall in NBA Draft 2022, but his athleticism makes him worth it. Because of his upside, he will be a hot trade target for several teams later in 2019-20. Meanwhile, Jabari Smith has a chance to become a fixture on an NBA court in just one season as he transitions from college to pro ball. A solid draft by Orlando that was capped off with some surprising moves late.

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